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How to acquire language

I want to explain the difference between the way I teach and the methods that many other language teachers use. You should know that I have been teaching English as …

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TPR? TPRS? Story-Listening? ALG? Movie Talk?n?

There are various ways of putting Dr. Krashen's theories into practice.

One of the earliest was TPR. Total Physical Response. Almost all language teachers have done something like this at some point. …

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Welcome to Agen 2022

Welcome to the Agen Workshop 2022

Agen is different from any other conference. Teachers of different languages and cultures come from around the world to Agen, making it a language …

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Illustration – The Horse Who Knew What He Wanted


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What is See I Witch

There are many ways of giving compelling comprehensible input to students. We are open to all the strategies, old and new, that respect the basic principle that language is acquired through comprehensible input. We have had presentations about TPR, TPRS, Story-Asking, Readers’ Theater, Embedded Reading, Story-Listening, Automatic Language Growth, One Word Images, and Very Narrow Listening. We look forward to seeing another generation carry on with new and even better ideas.

The Agen Workshop 2022 will be held July 25th to July 31st at the Lycée Saint Caprais in the lovely town of Agen in southwest France. The Early Bird price is 445 euros. After March 1 st registration will cost 595 euros.

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The conference will start on Monday, July 26th and end on Saturday, July 31st. Sessions will open every week day at 8:30 am (Paris time) and close at 7:00 pm. Saturday’s sessions will start at 9:30 am and end at 12:00. Then everyone is invited to lunch at the Stim’otel.


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